Pool & ponds

« Water is life ». In Dar Basma we decline this item in different ways : In a very large swimming pool fully integrated into its natural environment swimmers can do lengths, or other water activities (maybe a moment of aqua gym…) for the most dynamic or bask on the

The olive grove

 Wandering through more than 200 almost half a century old olive trees, you will discover little by little the diversity of Dar Basma.This traditional olive grove, planted with “Moroccan Picholine” and irrigated with an old system using “seguias”, provides a very fruity natural oil that we will be pleased to

The Park

All the buildings are scattered in a park where you can stroll or relax, surrounded by palm trees (date palms, washingtonias, phoenixes, bismarkias,” Atlas palms”…), Australian cocos, jacarandas with their blue flowers, calystimos, cythaexyllums and their heady perfume, grivillias, brachichettons, banana trees, guenarias and their profusion of pink flowers, mimosas,

The gardens

During your walks in the estate you will go through the different spaces dedicated to different themes such as : the dry garden where you will enjoy the diversity and intelligence of these plants (cactus & succulents) in surviving in arid environments ; the spice garden that provides the kitchen

The orchard

Most of the fruits you will find in the breakfast jams and, depending on seasons, on your table in fruit baskets, come from the orchard which includes a hundred trees from thirty different varieties (lemon, orange, grapefruit, tangerine, pomegranate, fig, plum, peach, guava, apple, pear, almond trees, grapes…).

The new spaces

Because Dar Basma is not a settled place, we are still developping new spaces. The latest are a bamboo plantation where children should feel as if being in the jungle and a planting argan tree from which the famous oil that makes their mums look pretty is extracted.

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